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Software Functions - Freestep - Baropodometric Platforms/Software - Sensor Medica/freeStep - Escola de Postura ®"

Software Functions - Freestep

Sensor Medica - freeStep - Baropodometric Platforms - Software


Multi-performing software

freeStep is an advanced software for the study of baropodometry, posture, biomechanics and humans-space relationship.

It is an only device with a central database, that can perform many activities: static and dynamic baropodometry, motion analysis, morphological video analysis, digital podography, Romberg’s test, cervical interferences study, statistical analysis and automatic reports.


  • Static, dynamic and stabilometric analysis;
  • 2D e 3D foot scanner;
  • Myoelectric detecting and baropodometric treadmill;
  • One touch print and comprehensive reports;
  • Statistical analysis;
  • 2D video analysis;
  • Bio-feedbacks for rehabilitation and muscle strengthening;
  • Live update through located servers;
  • Meetings and examinations managing planning.

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