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Platforms Freemed - Baropodometric Platforms/Platforms - Sensor Medica - Escola de Postura ®"

Platforms Freemed

Sensor Medica - Baropodometric Platforms - Platforms


Baropodometric Platforms

Our devices are designed to be the excellence for static, dynamic and stabilometric analysis.

In combination with freeStep software,they are the new generation of integrated instruments for postural evaluation and biomechanical analysis.

The freeMed modular platforms can meet every clinical and sports need.


  • Resistive sensors, 24 K gold coated, conductive rubber;
  • Configurations: 40cm x 40cm up to 300 cm x 50cm;
  • USB 2.0 interface;
  • Sampling frequency up to 400Hz in real time.

Current consumption (mA)5050300300450450
Resolution XY2.5 dpi
Resolution Z8 bit
Acquisition frequency5-400Hz selectable
Type of interfaceUSB 2.0
Dimension in mm440x620640x7401240x7401840x7402440x7403040x740
Weight Kg448,5162230
Type of sensorresistive conductive rubber contacts gold
Type of scanningmatrix scan
Calibration10 bit auto
Suitable temperature working0°C - 55°C
Maximum pressure150N/cm2
Sensor Life1.000.000 of cycles
Product CertificationCE

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