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Optoelectronics 2d Scanner 2d And Podoscope - Scanner 2D/2D - Sensor Medica - Escola de Postura ®"

Optoelectronics 2d Scanner 2d And Podoscope

Sensor Medica - Scanner 2D - 2D


PodoScan 2D

2D podoscan is an electronic podoscope for acquiring the digital footprint. Our evaluation software Freestep allows easy archive, measurement and comparison of images before and after treatment. It is very useful both in a clinical and orthopaedic field, and therefore in the foot orthotics production.

Full HD Podoscope

This instrument, thanks to the state of the art led light, allows a correct evaluation of the foot shape and of possible skin issues, highlighting the areas of greater pressure.
The structure on which the foot rest is made of transparent polycarbonate with excellent light conduction, that allows significant changes of colour intensity on the points of greater and smaller plantar load.
The device can hold up to 150kg. This instrument is available with a double video camera: a full HD one integrated at the lower level to take pictures or to film video sequences and a rear one for the acquisition of the rearfoot. The images will be displayed within Freestep to make measurements and evaluations directly from your desk.


  • Led light to get a better display
  • Load up to 150kg
  • Polycarbonate Sheet for greater strength
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Dimensions: 17cm x 48,5cm x 40cm
  • Full HD camera integrated with Freestep

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