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Scanner 3d - Scanner 3D/3D - Sensor Medica - Escola de Postura ®"

Scanner 3d

Sensor Medica - Scanner 3D - 3D


3D Technology for the Production of Orthotic Insoles

3D podoscan and 3D foamscan are high definition optoelectronic devices for 3D acquisition of foot morphology. 3D podoscan has a precision of 1 mm, allows acquisition the foot image in off load, semi load and under load. 3D foamscan acquire the foot cast inside the foam box, cleans the image and automatically identify left and right foot.

Both devices are principally used for customized orthotics production and, combined with foot pressure data acquired with baropodometric platforms, allows the correct orthotic to be designed to satisfy the patient’s needs. Acquired images are managed inside freestep software and immediately exported in our 3D modelling software easycad. In addition, the images can be used for manufacturing foot casts.

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