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Cnc Milling Machine - Vulcan Twincam - CNC Milling Machine/Vulcan Series - Sensor Medica/ulcan TwinCAM - Escola de Postura ®"

Cnc Milling Machine - Vulcan Twincam

Sensor Medica - ulcan TwinCAM - CNC Milling Machine - Vulcan Series


Unique in the world with two independent spindles

The only dual spindle CNC milling machine. It's the ultimate solution for insoles CAD CAM production.


  • 4 axes CNC;
  • Dual spindle 1.500W 24.000 rpm independent axes;
  • Double Electronic Spindle;
  • High power motors with splined encoders on axes without straps;
  • Very fast HSS steel tool: cutting properties higher then carbon steel, even in high processing temperatures;
  • 2 cutting tool optimized for milling of materials from 20 to 75 shore A;
  • Highest accuracy of working: 0.05 mm;
  • Asimmetrically milling of 2 insoles at once;
  • Half working time: 2 insoles in 4 minutes;
  • Steady structure;
  • Integrated electronic control unit;
  • Workspace area: 300X400 mm;
  • Maximum stroke Z 140 mm, working area Z 80 mm with serial tool;
  • Software player in Windows;
  • Screws and recirculating ball bearing guide;
  • Moving at 4 pads/axle: greater rigidity;
  • Full steel frame;
  • Axes in G25 rectified aluminum;
  • Plan in CNC rectified aluminum;
  • Couple operating on plates, modules and rough profiled in different sizes;
  • Milling panels of polyurethane for manual orthotics thermoforming;
  • Optional:suction surface with vacumm and filters;
  • Bell, brusch and antistatic suction hose;
  • 3 Shuko electrical outlet with 1700 W protection;
  • Sensorized door;
  • Compliance certification;

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