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Cnc Milling Machines - Vulcan Vx1 - CNC Milling Machine/Vulcan Series - Sensor Medica/Vulcan Vx1 - Escola de Postura ®"

Cnc Milling Machines - Vulcan Vx1

Sensor Medica - Vulcan Vx1 - CNC Milling Machine - Vulcan Series


Single head CNC milling machines.

Vx1 is totally designed from our company, is developed for producing standard and customized orthotics insoles. This milling machine guarantee great performance, stability and reliable.


  • Working time: one pair of insoles in 12 minutes;
  • High-speed and accuracy;
  • Working area: mm 300x400;
  • Working speed: 80 mm/sec;
  • Acceleration: 500 mm/sec2
  • Heavy-duty structure and components;
  • Windows XP/W7/W8 compatible;
  • Integrated electronic control unit;
  • USB 2.0 connection;
  • 2 cutting tools optimized for milling materials from 20 to 75 shore A;
  • Possibility of milling rounded, shaped or rectangular blocks of different density;
  • Possibility of milling positive mold in polyurethane for thermo formable insoles.

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